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Buy Peregrine Falcon Online. Peregrine falcon are some of the most widespread birds in the world. They have a body length of 34-58 cm

and wingspan from 74 to 120 cm. Their diet consists of small to medium sized birds. They’re are very well respected falconry birds due

to their strong hunting ability and high trainability. The most amazing thing about this breed of birds is its dazzling speed, it has frequently been seen flying at the speed of whopping 320 km/h (200 mph), the highest

recorded speed of Peregrine falcon is 389km/h (242 mph).

more information about falcons

Falcons are birds of prey and are therefore known for their incredible hunting skills and being a ruthless, dominant predator within their environment. Falcons hunt their prey from the skies above and swoop down through the air to catch it once they have spotted a meal with their incredible eyesight. Falcons hunt all kinds of small animals like mice, frogsfish and falcons will even catch small birds in the air.

Due to the large size, speed and alertness of the falcon, the falcon has few natural predators and even fewer that are actually airborne. Humans and wolves tend to be the main predators of the falcon on the ground and eagles and even large owls have been known to hunt the smaller species of falcon (and of course the young and inexperienced falcons) in the air.Buy Peregrine Falcon Online.  The eggs and chicks of the falcon are particularly vulnerable to being eaten.

Falcons have adapted in many ways to maximise their chances of survival in the skies. The falcon has tapered wings that allow the falcon

to be more agile; incredibly acute eyesight which enables the falcon to spot prey on the ground far below; an aerodynamic body

shape means that the falcon glides through the air more easily and a sharp pointed beak helps the falcon to grab and eat it’s prey more effectively.

Falcons nest on high ground such as mountains and cliffs and in

the tops of tall trees. This means that the vulnerable eggs and chicks of the falcon are in the safest place possible. Falcons start to breed when

they are about a year old. Female falcons lay an average of 3 eggs per clutch

and look after their chicks until they are big enough and strong enough to fend for themselves.

Falcons are generally solitary birds and only really come together to mate. Although falcons are known to stay in the same place, many species of falcon are migratory birds and have been known to travel more than 15,000 miles per year.


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