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  • Buy Black Palm Cockatoo online

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    Black Palm Cockatoo Online

    Unlike most other parrots, the Black Palm Cockatoo is not considered an affectionate bird. It’s very sociable, like other cockatoos, needing regular interaction with its owners. But the size and temperament of this bird make it most suitable for experienced bird owners. It’s not an ideal pet for everyone, but the Black Palm Cockatoo has its rewarding characteristics.

    While hand fed Black Palm Cockatoos make excellent, tame pets, they still require firm training and are not for those who are new to keeping large parrots.

    Simply put: These are bold parrots who need bold owners. Do not adopt a Black Palm Cockatoo if you are intimidated by large birds.

    Black Palm Cockatoos are also called Goliath Cockatoos or Great Black Cockatoos. They’re native to New Guinea and Indonesia.

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  • Buy Gang gang cockatoo

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    Buy Gang gang cockatoo

    The Gang Gang Cockatoo has a relatively restricted distribution in South-eastern Australia and is mainly found in the higher altitude old growth eucalypt forests. In winter it may move down into lower altitude woodlands and even into settled areas such as Canberra. The seeds of the forest eucalyptus and acacias make up most of the diet, supplemented by other plant material and insects. In summer it is usually seen in family groups but may flock together in winter, especially when feeding amongst berry-laden trees and shrubs. In Canberra in winter it is especially fond of Cotoneaster and hawthorn (Crataegus) berries and flocks of 20 or more are not uncommon.

    The breeding season extends from October to January, with a hollow high in a eucalypt tree being used. Two, or more rarely three, eggs are laid and both parents share incubation.

    Although traditionally linked to the Black Cockatoo group recent biochemical work has shown it to be more closely related to the Galah and white cockatoo group than to black cockatoos. It has been known to hybridise with the Galah, and an example of hybridisation in the wild with an escaped Little Corella has been reported.

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  • Buy Goffins Cockatoo

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    Buy Goffins Cockatoo Online

    The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita) is a large white cockatoo that lives in the wooded areas of Australia and New Guinea as well as some of the islands of Indonesia. In some areas, they are sufficiently numerous to be considered pests due to the damage they can cause to cereal and fruit crops as well as newly planted tree seedlings or soft timber on houses and furniture.

    This cockatoo lives in a wide range of habitats including cities but not areas that have few trees or highland parts. There are four subspecies: Tritons Cockatoo found in new Guinea and surrounding islands; Eleonora Cockatoo found on the Aru Islands between Australia and New Guinea; Matthews Cockatoo found in northern Australia and the Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoo that is found from Cape York right down to Tasmania

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  • Buy Major Mitchell’s cockatoo

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    Buy Major Mitchells Cockatoo

    The Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is a beautiful colored cockatoo. Buy Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo has white feathers on the wings and the rest of them are a soft pink. The crest looks plain when it is down, but when erect is has beautiful orange and yellow coloring. The bill and feet are bone-colored.


    The Major Mitchell’s cockatoo occurs naturally in Southern and Western Australia. They live in forest areas and do not go to the open field so often. Buy Major Mitchell pairs will not nest close to one another, so they cannot tolerate fragmented, partly cleared habitats, and their range is contracting.

    Buy Major Mitchell’s cockatoo

    As a pet, It is possible to keep this species of cockatoo as a pet in your home, but it is not common. Buy Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo. They can become just as tame, affectionate and loving as any other species of cockatoo, but they need to be socialized well. If they are not correctly socialized and tamed when young, they will never become really tame or affectionate to humans. This species is also extremely hard to breed in captivity and generally needs a very large aviary. This is why this bird is more seen in bird parks and zoos than as a pet.

    Often called a pink cockatoo due to its soft pink body coloring, the Major Mitchell cockatoo is in fact named after Major Sir Thomas Mitchell, who was a surveyor and explorer of Southeast Australia during the 1800s. This beautiful cockatoo’s most distinctive feature is its white tipped crest, which is banded red and yellow at the base. The wings are generally white with a darker pink underside. The birds grow to 36 cm long, a medium size among cockatoos. Living in small groups or pairs, they have also been seen with flocks of galahs and little corellas.

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    Buy Umbrella Cockatoo.

    The Umbrella cockatoo (Cacatua alba) is one of the large species of cockatoo.

    Buy Umbrella cockatoo is around 46 cm (18 in) long, and weighs about 400 g (14 oz) for small females and up to 800 g (28 oz) for big males. The male white cockatoo usually has a broader head and a bigger beak than the female. They have brown or black eyes and a dark grey beak. When mature some female white cockatoos can have reddish/brown irises, while the irises of the adult male are dark brown or black.

    The feathers of the white cockatoo are mostly white. However, both upper and lower surfaces of the inner half of the trailing edge of the large wing feathers are a yellow color. The yellow color on the underside of the wings is most notable. This is because the yellow portion of the upper surface of the feather is covered. It is covered by the white of the feather immediately medial (nearer to the body) and above. Similarly, areas of larger tail feathers that are covered by other tail feathers. Also the innermost covered areas of the larger crest feathers are yellow. Short white feathers grow from and closely cover the upper legs. The feathers of this species and others create a powder similar to talcum powder that easily transfers to clothing.

    In common with other cockatoos and parrots, the white cockatoo has zygodactyl feet with two toes facing forward and two facing backward. They enable it to grasp objects with one foot while standing on the other, for feeding and manipulation.

    The maximum lifespan of the white cockatoo is poorly documented. A few zoos report that they live between 40–60 years in captivity. Anecdotal reports suggest it can live longer. Lifespan in the wild is unknown, but believed to be as much as ten years less.

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  • Buy Moluccan cockatoo

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    Buy Salmon Crested or Moluccan Cockatoo Birds.

    The Moluccan cockatoo, is a cockatoo endemic to the Seram archipelago in eastern Indonesia. At a height of up to 46–52 cm and weight of up to 850 g. It is among the largest of the white cockatoos. The female is larger than the male on average. Moluccan cockatoos are one of the largest white cockatoos. They average about 20 inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers. The Moluccan cockatoo is a rosy-pink color, with the depth of the pinkness varying per individual. Sweet and affectionate may be understatements when it comes to describing the Moluccan. It’s a bird that loves to be loved. It really wants nothing more than someone (bird or person) to be with at all times. Like most cockatoos, Moluccans are incredibly sensitive and can become neurotic and upset when they are neglected.


    Moluccan cockatoos only breed once a year. This is usually between December and March, when vegetation growth is at its peak and food is readily available.They are popular for their beauty and trainability (which makes them popular in trained bird shows).

    The salmon-crested cockatoo is widely considered to be one of the most demanding parrots to keep as a pet due to their high intelligence, large size, potential noise level, and need to chew. Moluccan cockatoos require a very large and very sturdy cage or aviary. Salmon-crested cockatoos are highly social and pets can be extremely cuddly, affectionate, and gentle birds.Cockatoos form a close bond that lasts for a lifetime. If they are separated, they may slip into a deep depression. In absence of a “true” mate, they may accept a caretaker as its mate.

    Cockatoo  Features;

    The Salmon-crested cockatoo or the Moluccan Cockatoo Has the following specifications
    Mass: 830 g (Adult)
    Scientific name: Cacatua moluccensis
    Conservation status: Vulnerable (Population decreasing)
    Higher classification: Cacatua
    Order: Parrot

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